What are your prices to board my cat or dog with you?

      Please click here for individual boarding prices. If multiple pets require boarding please use our contact us page for a discounted price (for dogs please state their breed).

Brightlingsea Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Folkards Lane, Brightlingsea, Essex, Co7 0sp

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My pet has never been in kennels before and/or has a very nervous temperament.

         Obviously we know how much your pets mean to you being a valuable member of your family. Worrying if your dogs/cats will be ok is a normal feeling. You can trust us to provide as much loving care and attention as if they were our own. Rest assured your pet will safe, secure and relaxed during their stay with us.

         If your pet is very nervous we would spend extra time gaining their trust giving lots of affection and one to one attention. We would also suggest to bring in an item of clothing, such as an unwashed t-shirt with a familiar scent, as well as their favourite toys or covers to help them relax.

        If your dog or cat wont eat we will encourage them, with your approval by offering them chicken, cheese or sausages etc to tempt them to eat, this often works a treat.  As with cats, tuna fish etc normally does the trick.

​         We also suggest maybe a trial stay for a few days especially if your pet is booked in for a long stay with us. We would always be honest on how well your pet has settled in with us.

     We always ask for a contact number for you. So if we were seriously concerned we would contact you straight away.

We also welcome you to contact us to see how your pet is doing if you are worried.


What happens if my pet falls ill at your kennels?

       Your pets health and wellbeing is our number one priority at all times. With nearly 30 years experience and expertise, we'll notice if an animal becomes anxious and unwell.  We would then contact our kennel vet and yourself straight away.

All animals are covered during their stay with 5 star pet plan insurance. (This excludes any health problems which you pet has come in with) 

             Do you charge extra for Christmas and bank holidays etc?
     No we don't charge any extra, our prices remain the same throughout the whole year. With exception to winter months which we charge an extra £2 day towards the heating costs

What type of payment method do you require?

We take Card, Cash or Cheque

                 Are your kennels and catteries safe and secure?
      Yes the kennels and cattery is safe and secure with perimeter fencing surrounding the entire premises. We also have 24hour CCTV in operation and we live on the premises.

My pet is on medication, are you ok to administer?

     Yes we have many customers with animals who are on medication and we don't charge any extra for administering medication including injections. Be assured all your pets medication will be given to your exact specifications.

Do I need to bring anything when my pet comes to stay with you?

    Yes we require an up to date vaccination card whilst your pet stays with us ,otherwise they will be turned away.

The kennel cough vaccine is optional, if you did wish to have this done it needs to have been administered 2 weeks prior to your dogs stay.
We supply individual diets, unless it's a specialist food that we are unable to obtain, then we would ask you to bring the food in. The discount would be applied to your bill. Vet bedding, dog bed and bowls are supplied, but you are more than welcome to bring any covers, toys etc to help your pet to settle in. We would also ask for you to leave us a contact number during your pets stay.

Frequently asked questions  

​Below are a few answers to some popular questions we regulary get asked. For more information give us a call or email and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or worries you may have.

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